At TiaZar Publishing, we have chosen to focus our efforts on the literary works of African-American women.  Diversity is essential in the marketplace.  Her voice is sought after not only in her community, but the world as well.  Rather than be drowned out in a sea of words, our authors are given the platform needed to speak accurately and undiluted. Her works are necessary to inspire the next generation.


As your publisher, we turn your written manuscript into a book.   The apparent simplicity of this actually requires a lot of hard work from a team of professionals.   To ensure your manuscript achieves its full potential in the marketplace, we engage designers to layout each page and manage the art design to create a captivating book cover.  Working with your editor or our editing team, we make sure the book is free from error and has appropriate permissions.


Additionally, our copyeditor's eagle eye will check for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to create a consistent approach to such things as compound words, light fact-checking, and perhaps title mark- up, heads, and subheads.  We work with you to determine the best form of printing, the size and style of the book itself and oversee the actual production process. To promote your book, we solicit wholesalers and bookstore chains for distribution. 


 All of our packages include our publishing services with an ISBN number and book cover design.