Today’s readers and book buyers are savvy. Ads are not enough to get a potential customer’s attention, and being bombarded daily with emails, texts, posts, tweets, shares, images and videos makes it incredibly easy, and more likely, for people to ignore ads. 


At TiaZar Publishing we know marketing your book to your audience is key to a successful book.  Not simply waiting to the end of the publishing process, we work with you to build trust among your potential customers by cultivating a fan base with tools like Twitter and Facebook.  If your book and publicity strategy requires it, we can create a website for you and/or a blog to help build your long-term audience and position yourself as an expert.


Building your social media outreach is also important.  Our team will schedule social promotional activities, too.  Because we focus on a niche market of authors, we have established a strong pipeline of resources that can help promote your book.  Working together, we help you select a strong author photo for promotion and recommend conferences and expos to attend to increase your visibility as part of the package.


This is a very interactive process.  It requires time, communication and commitment from both you and the team at TiaZar.  For that reason, our marketing services are only available in our Premium and Custom packages.