At TiaZar Publishing, we have chosen to focus our efforts on the literary works of African-American women.  Diversity is essential in the marketplace.  Her voice is sought after not only in her community, but the world as well.  Rather than be drowned out in a sea of words, our authors are given the platform needed to speak accurately and undiluted. Her works are necessary to inspire the next generation.


As your publisher, we turn your written manuscript into a book.   The apparent simplicity of this actually requires a lot of hard work from a team of professionals.   To ensure your manuscript achieves its full potential in the marketplace, we engage designers to layout each page and manage the art design to create a captivating book cover.  Working with your editor or our editing team, we make sure the book is free from error and has appropriate permissions.


Additionally, our copyeditor's eagle eye will check for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to create a consistent approach to such things as compound words, light fact-checking, and perhaps title mark- up, heads, and subheads.  We work with you to determine the best form of printing, the size and style of the book itself and oversee the actual production process. To promote your book, we solicit wholesalers and bookstore chains for distribution. 


All of our packages include our publishing services with an ISBN number and book cover design.



An eBook is defined as an electronic version of a traditionally printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.  TiaZar Publishing believes eBooks are more than just a PDF or JPEG document viewed on a computer or tablet. A true eBook is formatted where text and images no matter the size of the screen are displayed as they should appear. Our eBooks flow properly, meaning when one screen is full, the text will flow to the next and the images will resize to the proportions of the screen. This will keep your reader engaged without interruption and also gives them the capability to adjust the type size and style, line spacing, margins, and other visual effects to their preference.


Ideally the eBook will be attractive and easy to read on any device.  Because each software application for reading eBooks has some reader controls, those of us whose vision is no longer as strong as it once was can make it larger, while someone who does not like serif fonts can have the book displayed in sans-serif or zapfino. And this can all be done without changing the eBook itself.  The changes are simply user preferences within the app.


As more people use electronic devices, many authors choose to have eBooks as their only offering or at least one of the formats of their book.  Formatting an eBook takes special care and specific software.  For that reason, it is offered at our Professional and Premium levels.  It is, of course, available in a custom package too.


Editing Services

Book editing is one of the most important steps in book publishing. There are several aspects of editing that go into producing a market-ready book.


TiaZar Publishing takes pride in properly editing your manuscript and turning it into a polished product, ready to be printed. When most people talk about the work of a book editor, they are usually talking about copy editing, or checking the text for spelling and grammatical errors. Copy editing also checks for sections of the book that conflict, or say two different things. In a fiction book, for example, the main character may have green eyes, but in one chapter, the author mistakenly types that the character has brown eyes. The copy editor would catch that mistake, and have it fixed. Copy editing may also involve making sure that the book flows, checking for correct word usage, and improving the general feel of the manuscript.


A book editor may also be responsible for some of the more technical aspects of getting a book ready for print. For example, the editor can check facts throughout the book for accuracy. A book editor may put together the index found at the back of many non-fiction books, making it easier for readers to access the information they are looking for. Page design, setting the font, text size, and position of any illustrations, is also something that a book editor is responsible for.


Permissions editing is another job performed by our book editors. This involves noting any place in the book where the author used someone else's work, such as part of a song, poem, or other material, and getting the proper permission to use it. Technical editing, which is most commonly used in how-to books, assures that the reader will have everything that he or she needs to complete the tasks. A technical book editor makes sure that instructions are presented in a way that makes them easy to understand. This may also involve suggesting improvements in the design and layout of the book.


Depending on how long and complicated the book is, an editor or team of editors will work on your book. A short fiction novel may only require one or two editors working on it, while a complicated college textbook may require several editing teams.  TiaZar Publishing ensures our editors work in close contact with you every step of the way.  The process can often be stressful, but in the end, your book will be ready for finishing and printing.


Our professional editing services include book editing, copy editing, page design and indexing for non-fiction books.  Permissions and technical editing are available as part of our custom services.



Today’s readers and book buyers are savvy. Ads are not enough to get a potential customer’s attention, and being bombarded daily with emails, texts, posts, tweets, shares, images and videos makes it incredibly easy, and more likely, for people to ignore ads. 


At TiaZar Publishing we know marketing your book to your audience is key to a successful book.  Not simply waiting to the end of the publishing process, we work with you to build trust among your potential customers by cultivating a fan base with tools like Twitter and Facebook.  If your book and publicity strategy requires it, we can create a website for you and/or a blog to help build your long-term audience and position yourself as an expert.


Building your social media outreach is also important.  Our team will schedule social promotional activities, too.  Because we focus on a niche market of authors, we have established a strong pipeline of resources that can help promote your book.  Working together, we help you select a strong author photo for promotion and recommend conferences and expos to attend to increase your visibility as part of the package.


This is a very interactive process.  It requires time, communication and commitment from both you and the team at TiaZar.  For that reason, our marketing services are only available in our Premium and Custom packages.