a publishing house for women of color

You inspire, give strength; you are tenacious, engaging, and misunderstood.  We have been waiting for you to give us your insight, your perspective on the world around you. 


Introducing TiaZar Publishing, a Publishing House for Women of Color where you will be guided through the process of publishing your work.  We are not a Vanity Press or Print on Demand (POD) company, we provide a unique service that combines self-publishing with the strength of a Publishing House.  There are no long-term contracts.  You retain the Rights to your work and we receive no royalties.


We invite you to be a part of this community of women, who have been silenced too long for reasons we can no longer tolerate.   It is time to get that book out to help strengthen and inspire others.  


Welcome Home! 

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These illustrious authors are NOT clients of TiaZar Publishing.  Their images are meant to inspire us all to achieve our own greatness as they have with their words.


Included in all our print publishing formats are interior formatting, a full color cover (front and back), and ISBN.  More




Publishing an eBook creates an appealing new way to reach your audience. We offer the top digital formats with superior formatting. More

Editing services allow you to refine and polish your book before it enters the publishing process. Feedback from editorial professionals.   More


Marketing your book to your audience is key to a successful book.  We help to identify your specific audience.  This is an interactive process.  More

Contact US

Your decision to write a book for publication is an important one.  If you have some preliminary questions, drop us a note.  We would be happy to discuss this wonderful journey with you.  Be as detailed as possible...

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